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It was so quiet when she spoke from within

Bottle tops rained down from the sky

I let them sing like frogs

Don`t wait for disaster

Head it off at the pass

This fear of battles is an ancient card in the deck

Now it`s on the table

My heart is the soil

She scrubbed the floor

Her beauty animating the sorrow

The whole disaster had an orgasm

I was in the middle of it

I offered it to the universe

I had no plans for demolition but rebuilding began

I had no music composed for the ceremony

but anthems emerged from underground speakers

A voice spoke out with luxury and rhyme

I creep beneath my satisfaction and write home

Collecting all my arrows

Zen tradition is carried on my back

From the steps of celestial tunings I wear the sigils

The clothing shapes my body and plants seeds for the future

When did heaven come to earth?

No one was looking but everyone answers


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