As I Say Yes to No



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The dissatisfaction

The trite discontent

The brooding and moodiness

All till they’ve been spent

The clouds disappear and the sun starts to show

As I say yes to no

Am I being punished?

Am I being blocked?

Is God saying go

By the way he says stop

Yes the vessel must empty before the wine flows

As I say yes to no

Cosmic redirection

Is a slap in the face

Least that’s how I take it

But it’s starting to change

I welcome the guest

So the guest can then go

As I say yes to no

I am a graceful matador

Grateful for every closing door

I allow the universe to show me the way

Divine navigation points me in a new direction

If I can just trust in what it has to say

Love doesn’t always mean romance

Failure’s not always a curse

Things can only get better

When I embrace what is worse

Indeed the universe works in strange ways

I can only trust in what it’s trying to say

I’m not being punished

I’m not being slapped

It’s a gentle push nudging from in back of my back

I am being guided so that I can learn

To choose feeling grateful instead of feeling spurned

The clouds disappear

And the sun starts the show

As I say yes to no