Fuck Yes



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My judge is judging the shit out of me

Under me, behind me, above me and within me

I die in this moment

Turn on the faucet

The deer in the headlights

Down the drain into the earth below

Lost in a dying swirl

No more lying to myself

Havn`t turned the corner

Havn`t won the race

Look at me forgetting what’s written on my face

Shoulder`s a jack hammer

Confronting every rock

Every way I talk back to creation

Tie myself into a knot

Boiling in a beaker

Creation of a mad, mad scientist trying to understand himself

But I`ve been pregnant for a long, long time

Waiting for the deepest pop in my condition

For the biggest burst of gratitude

Would you look at the blood flow

It`s like I`ve admitted my guilt

And the pinball game`s on tilt

All my nos are saying yes to my resistance going blind

Hanging on for this one last time

Then saying fuck yes!

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