I must admit to having been skeptical of Christopher’s “Multimedia music with a message” tagline. I guess I feel like many writers feel, that art speaks its own language, and that the listener fills in their own meaning. That preaching is a form of aggression, as Ursula Leguin writes as quoted in this wonderfulpiece on this subject in Brain Pickings.


At least for me, my writing has grown to the extent I’ve been willing to let go of what I was trying to say. And, that is still the direction of my evolution: Away from having a “message.”


Yet: Several times in the past few months, I have found myself in deep places of painful growth. Even though I know, from experience, that I’ll emerge on the other side, my cowering, dying ego sees the ground rushing up and screams a primal scream is if there were no bungi cord.


In the midst of an emotional downpour, where all is sheets of wind and water and it’s difficult to breathe, Christopher’s lyrics have come to me then and I’ve felt I am not alone. Someone else has been just here, and here. It brings immeasurable comfort. So if this “Multimedia musician with a message” is instilling a trail of breadcrumbs in his songs to guide us home, I thank him. To have words emerge from within the layers of sound, vitality, pulse, and humor and connect with me just when I need them offers deep hope.


Thank you!

Sara Wright




My Beloved,
I just listened to your song “ Precipitated by You “ and I`m in holy awe amazement. I sat there smiling and moving my head and my body the whole time. It`s exquisitely well crafted and the rhythm of the song plays your voice like an instrument: the words are accentuated with the beat and they flow so beautifully, they`re not separate or other, they`re one with the music and it`s so good. I love how it`s funky, the words are magnificent, and I love the drumming and the guitar and the fact that it`s written to me is astonishing too. I sat here just totally grooving on it. It was my favorite musical perceiving experience ever.
Thank you!
Sara Wright, Boulder, Co.

Listen to Precipitated by You


Nice to hear your new materials — still very fresh and bright!! Thanks.

Paul Temple, Boulder, Co.

Hi Chris

Happy Thanksgiving. I got stuck in traffic for a couple hours which gave me the opportunity to listen to your latest and greatest a couple times! It’s quite good and somewhat Elfmanish! Thanks

Scott Liebler, Evergreen, Co. referring to the Man Doth Love cd and comparing it to Danny Elfman.

Chris Macor has recorded dance music in which he composed and played all instruments. He is a SUPREME guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and composer. I have extremely particular taste in music so I’m not easily impressed and I was blown away by the creativity and life force of Chris’ recording. There’s a lot of Ecstatic Dancing in this country. DJs and dancers nationwide will go wild with Chris’ music.

Richard Shane, Boulder, Colorado

Listen to Chris`s new dance cd “Alive”


In Pulse of Now, Christopher Macor weaves three-dimensional tones, beats, and lyrics into pieces bursting with deeply satisfying grooves. Unpredictable and full-bodied, these warm, rich, vibrant songs will make your day or night more fun. Great for a party, road trip, or jamming at work, this album promises to help everything go down while you get down.

Sara Wright – Boulder, Co.


What more could you want?
As with other genres of Chris Macor’s music, there is intrigue in addition to outstanding guitar-playing.
This cd has techno-multi-cultural sounds as well as his signature soul-healing influence.
All in a great dance collection that holds up even if you’re not moving (but good luck with that)!

Lyna Norberg – Boulder, Co.

Dude, your CD, “Pulse of Now” rocks. Blew me away, to tell the truth. Great dance music and interesting to listen to. Keep em coming.

John Walpole, Boulder, Co.

Enjoying the distinctive rhythms on each track. Definitely dance music to move your groove…!

Mamie Kakes, Boulder, Co.

I love this music.  It makes me want to DANCE!  I’d recommend it to anyone who likes to MOVE with the groove muse.

Naomi Maddux – Boulder, Co.

“Chris Macor gave me his new dance CD and I’ve been dancin’ with it. I highly recommend this CD!
It’s The “Alive” Progressive Electronic Dance Music CD.
This thing gets me up and moving! I love dancing for fun and also enjoy dance as exercise, and this handles both for me. The music and feel are excellent, engaging, playful. Chris is a solid player. The man has rhythm! And I love the percussion in this.
Thanks for the CD Chris.”
Tom Abbott
Lafayette, Co.