What do I know about tantra? Tantra is the art of sublimation, the art of turning sexual energy into love, into expanded awareness. When I make love, my intention is for a sustained experience that never ends, a state of utter devotion where the man and the woman merge in a state of ecstatic union. But not for a brief few moments of orgasm but rather for hours and into the next day. How is this possible? The man must maintain and not ejaculate. How is this accomplished? By sending the sexual energy up the spine. It helps to have some familiarity with the Dan Tian. Holding the attention in the Dan Tian seems to create a pivot point, a way to hold the attention in the sexual area without succumbing to that energy. From this pivot the energy can be directed up the spine into the heart and beyond. It`s my experience that when my sexual energy is moving up my spine, I don`t have to move or even be inside my lover to turn her on. Sexual energy held in this elevated state is inherently arousing in addition to being transcending.