I come to love from truth. I`ve always had a judgement about people who are all about love. And then I fell in love. My heart opened and I entered a new world, a world of joy, delight longing and gratitude. What did these feelings have to do with truth? My spiritual teacher, Sat Shree, had said, love is an outpouring of truth, a by product in a sense. I was in a meditation retreat at this time. I would transcend, go to god so to speak, but when I did this I would feel a wave of love that would inspire me to transcend again. These two primal forces began feeding each other. I realized my life was to become an intersection of love and truth, a balance of the spiritual and material which would guide me to the magic of co-creation.


Hear the song Man Doth Love


A man dressed as a city gentleman walks across a tightrope in London's financial district