Mother Lode



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Grace has descended through my spine

The mother lode has sprung

Call me out to the challenge of this journey

May I sit in the rumble of my being

I am changed

She has spelled out a new game

I’m alive in surrender and assertion

My beliefs come apart in the immersion

She has set a standard

I jump through the hoops

She calls for a new synthesis of me and you

The elements of my system are called into order

Called to go beyond

to be whole and complete

Let`s point beyond

Look deeply within

So universal yet personal

We are the heaven on earth we`ve been divining

We bring eternity alive on our own doorstep

What is this greatness that I see in you?

The wounded healer that has finally come through

Woven into a tapestry providing a trail of breadcrumbs for herself and the world

Leads us smack dab into the heart of now who is us

We`re riding on the bus

In awe of awe