I Kiss Your Bounty



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I collide with nature`s bounty

It`s a chance collision

But I couldn`t avoid it in a thousand years

The grill of my car is baked with cash

Thought I was going to the cleaners

but ended up on a mountain peak

A volcano is rumbling

I`m growing potatoes

Not as a way of nourishment but a way to know the earth

Drumming in the shadows

A play written by heroes

A miracle going beyond itself

I saw it coming

And then there was no wave

No account of the ripples through the flesh

Only a water ring left on a crystal ball

A card in the spokes of an afternoon ride

With the sun setting slowly

And stars gently saying hello

We have broached it with a camera

Snapping shots from the middle of our name

Time has gone into hibernation

Raindrops trickle down the windshield

I love the moisture

It shows me a picture of you

I kiss your bounty

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