Precipitated by You
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Love comes from the stars

Truth comes from our bones

I am the center of the universe

And now I`m not alone

We are the dance of poles

Converge as children of love

We are the yearning that comes

Transforming into inspiration

I cry, not tears of sadness

But tears of life and love

I cry from heaven above

So that we may embrace the truth glowing in our faces

I set the stage for evolution

Prepare the ground for graduation

Come to this meeting openly

Come to this devotedly

Dance in the spring and know no limits tenderly

Yes, I have electrified my being with truth

Yes, I have surrendered my body to love

Yes, I am the dance of male and female

Shine through the curtains

Tear open the veil

I am here and I`m quite expansive

I hold hands with your infinity

Hug all creation

You`re the soul of my condition

I am precipitated by you

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