Hug of Truth and Love
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The only thing that`s real is this love I feel in me

Removed from your projection

I`m a fish alone at sea

My underbelly`s aching

And my gills are filled with tears

I clutch at my protection

I wrestle with my fears

Where has the cosmic being gone?

Behind a cloud, you`ve disappeared

This cloud is made from lifetimes of refusing what I feel

Can`t do this any longer

My love for you won`t let me be

It forces my surrender

And it brings me to my knees

I`m lying on the beach

Of the grand whole total self

Who is it I`ve become?

A man plays on his drum

His song the distillation of the hug of truth and love

He sounds this to the heavens

He grounds this in the earth

He offers transformation

But it`s not an easy birth

This hug`s reverberating

Throughout the universe

The hug of truth and love reverberates

through out the universe (x)