Oratory`s Delight
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We are here to tremble

We are here to question underfoot

We are here to rise up in the morning

To chant under our breath and whisper into the roots

Rise up like incense

Find meeting with the clouds

We`re here to address the morning sun

And sing our hearts out loud

We`re here to wrap ourselves in cacophony

And scream up to the moon

We`re here to strategize trajectory

And find the target soon

Slice into the night

Touch the cosmic light

Face our fears outright

Bravery is our birthright

The oratory`s delight

We found ourselves beneath the spring

The ground that we were walking on

The crunch of authenticity

The silence of infinity

The salvation of our plight

The bravery of our birthright

The oratory`s delight

Surrender leads to victory

Become the motion of the sea

Allow creation to wash up on the shore

Allow God to knock upon your door

I`m crashing with a primal might

I rise up hungry for my life

This courage is indeed my birthright

I`m am the oratory`s delight ( 3x )

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