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Man Doth Love
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There`s this thing I`ve got to do

There`s this me I`ve got to see

I can`t leave him in the closet

The numbness is killing me

What he wants is vision

What he wants is love

What he wants is the infinite

From below and above

He wants to go to God

He wants to go with you

He wants to be the conduit

Of our healing coming through

He also wants the garden

From where it all began

He yearns to feel his woman

As he asserts himself as man

The garden of the Universe

Heals what`s been submerged

We`re turning back the hands of time

Reaping blessings from the curse

Our wholeness does inform us

Of where we`re going and where we`ve been

This man doth love his woman

Both without and within

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